SET 4: 5 TIMIO Discs - NEW!

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Disc Set 4 audio content:

• Nursery rhymes vol. 3
• Fairy tales vol. 2
• Fairy tales vol. 3
• Little bugs
• Dinosaurs

Playtime approx. 160 minutes (varies per language)
Playable in all 8 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Br), Dutch, Mandarin).

Expand the fun and learning journey for your child with five more TIMIO discs. All discs support your child’s speech, imagination and cognitive development through interactive play. Let him or her discover and learn little bugs, dinosaurs, fairy tales and nursery rhymes!

Disc Set 4 offers a broad range of fun, exciting and engaging content (sounds, quizzes, music, vocabulary, children songs) for multiple ages on multiple subjects and in multiple languages. 

Simply place a disc on TIMIO and tap an image to play. The youngest children will connect sounds and images that turn into vocabulary. Older children answer quizzes, listen to stories to relax or music to make them move. And the oldest ones discover new languages to learn about diversity and cultural awareness.

Note: If you DON'T already own a TIMIO and are going to purchase one, please select TM02-02 (for the new model 2021), that's the model included in a new starter set.

Note if you ALREADY have an older TIMIO model: TM01-01 or TM01-02 please make sure you select the correct model when ordering this disc pack. It will be delivered with an SD card that contains the old files and the latest files to allow you to play all discs. You will need to open the battery compartment of your TIMIO and replace the old SD card with the new one. You can discard the old SD card. Check the back of your TIMIO to find the correct model number.